Move your idea forward with confidence

Our two day Before You MVP Workshop will provide you with the tools, resources, and recommendations you need to get you on the right path towards validating your idea. You’ll walk away with an action plan and set of tools that will help you, your partners, and investors move forward with confidence.

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  3. September 28–29th

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Workshop Overview

Get your business started on the right foot

The first step in validating your product idea is identifying and understanding your target audience. Is this a real need that they are looking to fill? If it is, what are their motivations for addressing it? And how do you keep them coming back to your product time and time again? In our workshop we’ll show you how to talk to your potential customers to get the answers you need to your most crucial questions.

Kyle sitting at a desk in front of a monitor and calendar. The monitor is showing a video call with Tori and Lindsey.

This workshop is great for:

  • Entrepreneurs with a business idea that needs validation
  • Startup founders looking to acquire investor buy-in
  • Product leads looking to build confidence in a new venture
  • First-time founders who want to learn how to conduct meaningful user research

What we’ll cover

Walk away knowing you’re making the right investment


  • Build understanding of the problems your potential users are having
  • Identify your riskiest assumptions
  • Create hypotheses to be validated
  • Write interview scripts and learn how to conduct user research
  • Create a testing plan to ensure a successful and productive initial round of research
  • Get what you need for pitching to investors
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Day 1

  • How to move your product idea to a problem statement
  • Identify situations people are having the problem
  • Create a first draft of critical path
  • Capture assumptions as you go
  • Review assumptions, cluster, prioritize riskiest

Day 2

  • Write interview script based on riskiest assumptions
  • Interview basics
  • Identify next steps for scheduling and interviewing users
  • Leave with a plan of action, we check in with you on your progress in a month

Additional Benefits

Your support & learning extends beyond the workshop

  • One on one session

    After you’ve graduated from our Workshop, confidently go out in the world and conduct your research. We’ll help you stay organized by checking in after a month to help guide you through the synthesis process.

  • Access to your peers

    You’re not alone. You’ll get to expand your founder network and forge new relationships with people who are also in your shoes. With access to a Basecamp project, you’ll see everyones growth as well as share your own.

  • Discounts to Coaching & Consulting

    You’ll get discounts and priority for our Product Innovation Coaching. Once you’re ready for MVP you’ll get discounts from the consulting team at thoughtbot, our parent company.

Workshop Instructors

You’ve got decades of product experience on your side

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